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Stamford has extensive experience in providing systems and services specifically tailored for large retail chains and speciality stores. Some familiar names in this context include Coop, Beijer Byggmaterial, and K-Rauta.

Stamford Pricing System (SPS)

The Stamford Pricing System (SPS) ensures the right price at the right time for each customer and also assists in selecting the right agreements for each customer. The system is used to create and optimize existing customer agreements before transferring them to central business systems.

Electronic Commerce Solutions (ECS)

Electronic Commerce Solutions (ECS) is a complete retail data system that includes point-of-sale management, customer orders, invoicing, and integration with external web shops.

Stamford Retail System (STARS)

Stamford Retail System (STARS) is designed for the grocery retail sector and provides support for price management, inventory management, orders, and crush reporting.